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Best Stag party in Seville

04 October 2016

You like more wine or beer? music or rock? afternoon or evening ?. Anyway the point is that we like to party. And for your celebrations no better idea in the city of Seville that the Beer Bike. A big bicycle with two bars built and 14 pairs of pedals under the seats. Accommodating up to 18 people simultaneously also has seats for lazy passengers. And interior space that you dance and sing as we form a real show in the streets of the city. Much more if the boyfriend / girlfriend knows nothing and is entirely a surprise. People say that was the most fun activity of all, because during the travel time you will be the center of attention and there is no day that all the people around comes taking pictures, animating and enlivening the party on wheels that we carry. If you want to experience a hen / stag extremely funny and original Beer Bike Sevilla is your best choice.

Best Stag party in Seville 04 October 2016