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Lipsync Battle by Epicmedance throughout UK

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Key Points

Covering Nationwide
Central City Locations
1.5hour - 2hour Class
Venue Hire Included
Lipsync Battle Host
3-4 Lipsync Battle Rounds
Lipsync & Dance Tricks/Moves
Free Bottle of Bubbly (Group over 15pp)
Minimum Group 10pp (or cost match)
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You have seen the Show, now get to have your own EPIC Lipsync Battle, with Lipsync Moves, Dance Tricks and Epic Performance Tips, Your own Lipsync Host and 3-4 Lipsync Battle rounds. Get ready to Battle your way to Lipsync Victory !!!


Free Bottle of Bubbly, Group over 15pp
Price From £25.00 Per Person
Free Bottle of Bubbly, Group over 15pp Get a Quote Wishlist
All locations in the UK
Additional Information
Weekends & Weekdays (Open Bank Hols)
Lipsync Battle Information
You will split into two teams, and battle to 3-4 rounds. The Host will teach you some Lipsync Tricks & Moves to step up your game and judge each round, the member with highest score, will battle at the finale, against the Host to Lipsync Battle Victory !
The Venue is provided by us and you will receive the location for your Epic Dance Party in your desired City. We supply all major UK Cities and any special requests let us know, we are always happy to help.
1.5hours - 2hours Lipsync Battle
Our Battles can last from 1.5hours - 2hours, depending on the package and the rounds you requested, either 3 or 5 lipsync rounds.
Lipsync Songs/Playlist
Our Epic Lipsync Battle Playlist will be sent for you to choose from, which has every genre from Rap/Rock/Pop/Love Songs/Film Soundtrack/UK Garage/Party and more, and points will be lost, if you don't know the words. (it's not karaoke, no lyrics allowed)
Lipsync Battle Host
You will have your very own Lipsync Host, who will put you in teams, give you dance & lipsync/performance tricks & moves, and act as head judge on each battle, but at the finale they will be the one, the winner will battle for Ultimate Lipsync Victory !!
You can wear whatever you want and feel comfortable performing in. Feel free to turn up fancy dress, but make sure you can move and it's all about seeing your Lipsync Skills !!!!
We are open 7 days a week so you tell us when you want your Epic Party and we can book that for you.
Group Size Minimum
We have a Group size minimum of 10 people for price of the service. We can allow under 10 people but will require 10pp cost match for the service.