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Chessington Key Points

Fantastic rides
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Chessington World of Adventure is a fantastic theme park and zoo! From Gorillas, Lions, Leopards, Tigers to Monkeys, Penguins and Sealions. Rides such as Rammeses Revenge, Rattle Snake, Flying Jumbos and Hocus Pocus Hall - Chessington World of Adventure is a fantastic Stag Party Idea.

Chessington Pricing

Group Ticket Price
Price From £33.00 Per Person
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Leatherhead Rd, Chessington, Surrey, UK
Additional Information
You can buy as many tickets as you like
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa, Madagacar Live!, BOBRA, Dragon's Fury, Vampire, Dragon Falls, Tomb Blaster, Lorikeet Lagoon, Monkey Swinger, Black Buccaneer, Bubbleworks, Raneses Revenge, Rattlesnake, Wild Factor, Extreme Games Zone, Peeking Heights, Jungle Bus
Wanyama, Loriket, Trail of the Kings, SEA LIFE Centre, Creepy Caves, Penguin Cove, Sealion Bay.
SEA LIFE Centre:
Rays, Jelly Fish, Starfish, Lionfish, Puffer fish, Seahorses, Clownfish
The ticket price above includes entrance to all attraction that are open. Park is open fully in March 2014, limited opening times up until then. Please enquire for other dates.