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Why go out for dinner and worry about taxis and overpriced alcohol? You can dine in and have your very own private chef create a bespoke dinner menu for you and your guests at home. You choose your cuisine, 3-4 course or canape menu and your chef. Then the chef takes care of it all: shopping for ingredients cooking, serving and even cleaning up! How cool is that?

La Belle Assiette offers a new food concept: eating-out at home. With our 180 UK based private chefs we deliver a restaurant experience at your doorstep. Our chefs buy ingredients, cook in your kitchen, take care of the service and clean up. Hosting dinner parties has never been so simple! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests!

Our service
- bespoke services from sit-down dinners, canape receptions to cooking classes
- cuisines from Modern European to Asian Fusion
- UK nationwide
- bookings 24/7 and even the day before.
- professional, experienced and vetted chefs


sit down 3-4 course dinner
Price From £35.00 Per Person
complimentary Champagne bottle: HENSBUBBLES Get a Quote Wishlist
cooking classes
Price From £259.00 Per Group
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All locations in the UK
at home experience
The private chef will either come to your house, rented house or indicated venue
the chef takes care of it all
the chef buys ingredients, cooks, serves and EVEN cleans up the place before leaving.