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Combat Archery by Nebubblefootball Ltd in Newcastle

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Newcastle Key Points

Cheapest In the North East
Central Location
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Archery tag is a mix between dodgeball and paintball but using bows and foam tipped arrows. Practically painless unlike paintballing, Archery Tag is intense enough for the Hunger Games fanatics & safe enough for kids to play. Ages 10 years and above can get involved in this friendly combat sport.

Participants divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers and try to be the first team eliminate the opposing team.

Once you equip your mask, bow and arrows there’s no extra cost, once you run out of arrows you have to risk it all by dodging, ducking and diving around to reclaim your ammunition! Compared to paintballing where you’d likely have to pay for more ammo it’s the much more affordable, and best of all new and exciting experience.

Newcastle Pricing

Combat Archery for up to 20 players
Price From £130.00 Per Group
Simply quote NEBFreedom for the £130 deal. Get a Quote Wishlist
Walker Technology College, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK
1 hour
Closest sports centre to newcastle city centre
Photos and Videos
These can be provided to capture those epic moments
Changing rooms and toilets available
All equipment is provided, 10 bows, 10 masks, 20 arrows and multiple inflatable barricades to take cover