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Medieval Battle by Northern Lists in Sheffield

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Sheffield Key Points

Free parking
Physical, prepare to sweat some
Europes first pupose built buhurt arena
All padding provided
Group booking of up to 21 guests available
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Take up arms and get kitted out for battle at Northern Lists HMB training arena, home of the UK's first purpose built armored fighting arena.
Join us and we will pad you from head to foot, tell you the rules, give you the basics on tactics, how to handle a sword and shield before our marshals let you loose in the arena,
The focus of the sport is to be the last team standing using strikes with your sword and shield, pushes, trips and leg sweeps to take your opponent down. Once you touch the floor with anything other than your feet, you are out.
3v3,5v5, Armored Bulldog and Capture the Flag are some of the training exercises used to practice team tactics
Ten minute warmup, 20 minutes training and tactics followed by a full hour of combat fun!

Sheffield Pricing

Fight like a knight
Price From £10.00 Per Person
Free 10th place Get a Quote Wishlist
Fight like a knight in steel armour 3hrs training
Price From £150.00 Per Person
Free 10th place Get a Quote Wishlist
136 Burngreave Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Padded Arena 10x7m
Europe's first purpose built HMB arena lined with high impact foam tiles
Padded Ring 4x4m
Sparring ring with no escape also padded with high impact foam tiles
Padded armour, swords and shields
We will kit you out with feet and shin guards, knee and elbow pads, a padded tackle suit, gloves and helmet with face guard. A variety of swords and shields will be available for use on the day
Lattes, tea and other drinks ending in chino
Sliding pell
The pell is the swordsman's punchbag, ours slides and fights back!