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Stag party Ideas

17 November 2014

There are a number of stag party choices to choose from when you're looking for an idea.

1) Drink tasting or drink making stag party. Equip yourself with the skills to make yourself a drinks connoisseur impressing everybody around you.

2) Man vs WIld option. This could be anything from an outdoor camping experience with the lads to a Survival weekend away with Sgt. Slaughter.

3) Man vs Food packages. This is the ultimate stag meal before a night out on the town. You and your lads take your fill of food and see if you can conquer the beast.

4) Creative Stag: For the stag looking to express his creativity and show that he's just not a pretty face. Creative stag parties are always a barrel of fun.

5) Party stag idea: VIP ticket or bar crawl united. As long as you got a budget and somewhere to crash after a long night out then anything will do quite frankly.

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