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Canoeing by Pub and Paddle in Norwich

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Norwich Key Points

City centre location
Close to train station
Close to pub / bars / clubs
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Pub and Paddle is a unique experience in Norwich. We create that back-to-nature feeling right here in the city centre. Grab one of our stunning handmade wooden canoes and go for a paddle through Norwich’s beautiful city centre – and stop at a pub or two on the way!

Why not start your Stag Do with us? Nothing beats being out on the water together and visiting some of Norwich’s most picturesque riverside pubs.

We have put together a number of different routes, depending on how much time you want to spend in the canoe. We can keep hold of any luggage for you whilst you are out and about paddling away.

You can start and finish in Norwich city centre so you can hop out of the canoes and go straight into town for a night out. Alternatively, you can go for a one-way trip and take a taxi or train back into town.

Norwich Pricing

Route 1 - return. 4 hours. Norwich - Thorpe St Andrew - Norwich
Price From £22.50 Per Person
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Route 2 - one way. 6 hours. Norwich - Bramerton
Price From £27.50 Per Person
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Route 3 - one way. 8 hours. Norwich - Brundall
Price From £34.50 Per Person
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Bishopgate, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
We start at a riverside pub where you can use the facilities before you start
You can park at the pub. They charge £5/day