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LAN Party by Quantum Web Cafe in Reading

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Reading Key Points

LAN gaming suitable for newbies and experts
Dedicated staff member
Beers and meals included
Reading town centre location
Fantastic ice breaker
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Your choice of 2 or 4 hours PC network gameplay on classics such as Half Life 2 Deathmatch, UT, Counter Strike, Left for Dead and literally hundreds more! Play as a team, or for more fun, as enemies! Package includes one beer (or shot) per head per hour (eg 4 beers in a 4 hour hour event each, 2 in a 2 hour event each - more can be purchased if required) All packages include a main meal each also.

Basic packages are 'non exclusive' ie other people may come and go during your event, but you still get a dedicated staff member. Basic packages are most cost effective for groups between 6 (minimum required for all bookings) and 10. Groups of 10 or more will always benefit from the VIP package which has the following advantages:
- Exclusive and private use of entire first floor gameszone, including the sofa areas, all spare PCs, and the Xbox
- Group price - price split evenly up to a maximum of 16 players.

A great afternoon activity to pump you up ready for the main event!

Reading Pricing

The 2 Hour basic Frag Fest
Price From £25.00 Per Person
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The 2 Hour VIP Frag Fest
Price From £250.00 Per Group
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The 4 Hour basic Frag Fest
Price From £39.00 Per Person
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The 4 Hour VIP Frag Fest
Price From £390.00 Per Group
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7 Union Street, Reading, Berkshire, UK
Additional Information
Available 7 days a week
Dedicated Staff Member
Food and drink will be bought to your PC station - no need to miss that crucial head shot! Staff will help newbies and set up games or competitions if requested.
Perfect location
Smack in the town centre, all bars, clubs and hotels are within a minute's walk, as well as the train and bus station.
Huge range of games
Hundreds of games available, but our experienced hosts will set you up on the favourites that are guaranteed to get your LAN party sizzling!
Set up for the night ahead
Most of our stag LAN events happen in the late afternoon as a warm up for the night ahead! Beers or shots and a main meal are included in the price, & additional drinks can be purchased. You can even charge your phone for free whilst playing!
VIP Bookings
Strut round like you own the place! For a few hours, it's yours! We'll look after you and wait on you and they'll be no pesky members of the public to interrupt your banter!