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Pub Crawls by Sofia Pub Crawl throughout Bulgaria

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Sofia Pub Crawl
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New to Sofia? Want to see what the nightlife has to offer?

Sofia Pub Crawl has been the hottest partying destination in town for over 6 years now. We'll take you to some of the best bars & clubs the city has to offer & party all the way through. You'll get to meet travellers from all over world, play the coolest drinking games you've never heard, and overall have an unforgettable night!

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Price From €13.00 Per Person
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All locations in the Bulgaria
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For additional information please visit our site:
You can choose between drinking on a tab, buying drinking packages or paying on your own.
We go to at least 4 bars for the night and end up in the best night club in Sofia
3 bars and 1 club