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Stag Kidnap by Stag Adventures s. r. o. throughout Czech Republic

While you are having a good time with your mates at dinner, two “policemen“ will stop the Stag for not having proper identification. After reading him his rights, our man will blindfold him and take him out.

Mates will know what´s going to happen but after a while, our policeman will bring the handcuffed stag into a different room of the same establishment. Your group will be waiting there in silence with the stripper and a bottle of champagne. One of you will take off the Stag ‘s blindfold and reveal the true reason for his 'arrest'; we are confident that you all will be forgiven when he sees the strip show you've put on for him!

Prague Pricing

Stag Arrest Price
Price From €370.00 Per Group
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All locations in the Czech Republic
Additional Information
Included: Two "Policemen", Stag kidnapping, "Police" car, Bottle of sparkling Czech wine, Strip show