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Survival Experience by Xtreme Boot Camps in Stanley Pontlarge

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Stanley Pontlarge Key Points

All instructors are military trained
Survival training
Live as a soldier does in the field
Fitness programme included
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Looking for the ultimate survival and fitness challenge? Then join us at Xtreme Recruit Boot Camp where the fitness programme combines with a taster of military life in the ‘field’.

At an Xtreme Recruit Boot Camp you will sleep under canvas at a secluded Cotswolds location and will follow a fitness regime whilst learning to live and survive outdoors with no comforts. This is a taster of armed forces lifestyle and culture.

Our qualified instructors are either ex-military or serving personnel and experienced in living and surviving outdoors. They will teach you the skills necessary whilst ensuring you follow a fitness regime that suits your desired results.

As you would expect, the programme is both tough and testing. You will work in teams to build and guard the camp during your stay. With no basic comforts, you will also be relying on other members of the team to survive.

Stanley Pontlarge Pricing

Price From £199.00 Per Person
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Middle Stanley, Stanley Pontlarge, Cheltenham, UK
Additional Information
Best Price Friday to Sunday
Accommodation is in tents shared by 2 or 3 people. Includes meals which are cooked in camp. No phones, no electricity, no running water!