Stag ideas
Stag ideas

Stag Do Party Organisers

Are you the stag do organisers and need help from a party planner? We have compiled a list of stag party organisers and their most recent stag reviews, we hope you find these useful.

Companies House
Freedom Ltd Stag party Freedom Ltd (Company No. 03679213)
Established in 1996, limited company since 1998, exclusive stag and hen partnerships with, and Alton Towers
Red Seven  Stag party Red Seven (Company No. 03465479)
Limited company since 1997. Operated by Bargain Travel Bureau (01713965), other websites
Maximise Stag party Maximise (Company No. 03396596)
Limited company since 1997. Agents for Strand Travel (02206436)
Go Bananas Stag party Go Bananas (Company No. SC179215)
Limited company since 1997. Operated by HelpMeGo.To Ltd.
Chillisauce Stag party Chillisauce (Company No. 04002664)
Limited company since 2000, based in London
Off Limits Stag party Off Limits (Company No. 04147578)
Limited company since 2001, other websites and
StagWeb Stag party StagWeb (Company No. 04368234)
Limited company since 2002. Other websites
LNOF Stag party LNOF (Company No. 04415232)
Limited company since 2002. based in Newcastle
The Stag Company Stag party The Stag Company (Company No. 04945685)
Limited company since 2003. Other website, operated by The Eventa Group
Clear Cut Weekends Stag party Clear Cut Weekends (Company No. Not Ltd)
Not a limited company, No accounts filed with
DesignaVenture Stag party DesignaVenture (Company No. 04862328)
Limited company since 2003
Awesome Weekends Stag party Awesome Weekends (Company No. 05300053)
Limited Company since 2004, other website
Funktion Stag party Funktion (Company No. 06221319)
Limited company since 2007
Gents Events Stag party Gents Events (Company No. 07525714)
Limited company since 2011, other website, operated by Party Expert Brands
Fantastic Weekends Stag party Fantastic Weekends (Company No. 08176861)
Limited company since 2012